Frequently Asked Questions - Ambassadors

Ambassador FAQs

Function: The basic function of the program is to promote the brand. There are specific requirements for the Ambassador to fulfill, and in return are rewarded with product and potentially other forms of compensation.

Requirements: The requirements involve activity with influencing, working with businesses to stock the products, working at trade shows, educating other bearded folks, and maintaining a positive social media image for the company. 

How: To become an ambassador, the first step is to try the products. This can be done by locating one of our retailers found on the website map, or ordering directly from the website

Process: Once we receive your application, the ambassador team reviews it and recommendations are made. You're then notified whether you will move onto the interview portion of selection or being turned down.

Interview: This is a casual meeting with an ambassador, to discuss why you would be a great ambassador for the brand.

Turned down: Don’t let this discourage you from continuing to support Educated Beards. Selection can be tough, however you will always be invited to apply again