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Most guys don’t really take the time to buy stuff for themselves.


Here is a small guide for what we came up with after speaking with multiple gents.




We all have to get haircuts, find the spot where your man goes to get his haircut, if he always attends a different location it’s time for you to put some effort into it and find an amazing shop in your area.


Get on Google and Instagram, find a space and book multiple appointments ahead of time for him, don’t pre-pay for those appointments, get a gift card as if he’s not a fan the money isn’t lost he can always get products.




Getting your significant other new grooming products is a gift that he will only enjoy, you will too. When he takes care of himself he’ll smell better and look better.


What we ask is for you to read the ingredients of what you purchase, we look at the ingredients of what we eat but when it comes to our skin we usually just smell the product. 


Find Organic & 100% Natural grooming products here.




Of course we are able to buy our own but we usually wait until it’s completely ruined or our spouse tells us to throw them out.


After asking what guys wear we found that the majority of men wear SAXX underwear, what is really amazing is they now have bathing suits.




We all have to attend weddings, events and functions. Being well dressed is an amazing feeling. Having a custom suit is even better.


The chances are slim that your man has taken the time to book himself a custom suit.


This will mean a lot to him and he will cherish this suit, he will be telling all his friends about how his partner got him a custom suit!




Shooting is challenging, exciting and memorable.


If you really want to impress him, getting a shooting lesson for both of you is a great ideaThis way you will both learn the proper shooting stance.


We recommend finding an exterior range, it’s a fun way of spending time outdoors. If your area has sporting clays we strongly suggest booking that. Shotgun is what we prefer as its moving targets.


P.S they will lend you guns at most of the ranges.


Here is a link to a really nice club in Fredericton, NB.






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