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Veteran Entrepreneur Of The Year.

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Fredericton Based Entrepreneur Kevin Leboeuf was awarded the CANIE Veteran Entrepreneur Of The Year Award a major win for Educated Beards.

The award is hosted by The Canada Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards - CANIE and presented by Princes Trust Canada.

Kevin wasn't always an entrepreneur, as a matter of fact, he was a Comat Engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 14 years of his life. When he was medically released in 2019 for PTSD from a combat tour in Afghanistan back in 2008-2009. He started growing his beard for the first time of his life.

Like many may experience, growing a beard can be itchy, dry, flacky and very uncomfortable. After bringing home products from the pharmacy, his partner didn't approve of the ingredients in the products. This happened with multiple products that all landed in the garbage. His partner being a holistic nutritionist went into deep study of what the best ingredients were for beard maintenance and after 11months of research and developement Educated Beards was born.

100% Natural and Organic grooming products. The company recently recieved it's Eco-Cert and Cosmos Organic Certification (the highest skin care standard in the world). All their products are manufactured in east-coast Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

  Kevin Leboeuf - Holding Award

"I never thought I would win such an award this means so much more to me than many could even understand" says Leboeuf. (watch his acceptence speech here - it's a succcess story)

" I'm so proud of my partner in life and in business", said Phillips. " Kevin had a huge struggle to find out who he was when he got out of the Army. This award allows him to see that he can be something else besides a soldier."  

The company is starting its 5th year of business and their best seller is the new Maintenance Kit, it contains everything to take good care of ones beard. It comes in their 4 signature scent profiles. Bergamot and Grapefruit this scent is crisp and citrusy. Peppermint & Cedarwood is clean and refreshing, Balsam Eclipse smells like you're running through the forest, and an Unscented. has no scents just all the benefits. The kit releases just in time for the holidays and retails for $79 vs when products purchased individually go for $99. The kit includes 3 items, foundation Beard & Body wash, next Beard Oil, followed by a Beard Butter Cream.

Educated Beards is exporting to over 6 countries and supplying over 3500+ locations. You can find products across Canada, USA, South Africa, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Poland. They are also working on multiple other countries.

  Book Of Beards - Ultimate Gift

Education starts in a book, this is why Educated Beards carefully crafted this one of a kind gift set. All the products in the image for the book of beards are the items that come into this wonderful set. The box has a magnatic lid and you can even select the scent collection you prefer. This company offers high end quality products.
Check out The Book Of Beards.

You can also test the products for free! EB has recently launched a try our products for free. This initiative allows end users to try the 4 scent collections they offer. It consists of 8x1ml sachet that permits you to try their amazing products for free well $3.50 for shipping. Try for free here.

  Kevin Leboeuf - Accepting Award Speech

To conclude Educated Beards is a brand that is becoming a globally recognized name, they are setting a new standard to the grooming industry by making and providing clean products that are effective and made of only 100% natural and organic ingredients. If you know of anyone that would love to support a veteran owned company please take the time to share this with them.

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