What To Expect When Growing A Beard.

Posted by Kevin Leboeuf on

This is your first time growing your beard for longer then a week? This is what you will encounter.

The thought of shaving it or trimming it will come to mind multiple times a day. This is absolutely normal. Everyone I’ve encounter who started growing a beard has thought about giving up at the beginning. Your hair won’t grow as you expect it. The shape of your beard won’t be what you want at first. But don’t give up with time it’ll come to the beard you want. The advantage you have is you're reading this and educating yourself on how to make it easier for yourself.

Tip; don’t touch your beard for the first month. I mean give it some care with products but don’t trim, shape or cut it. This will be your base, it’s even better to wait 3 months before trimming it. By then you’ll know how your beard will gr


Week 1 - 5 are the hardest to deal with. What you’ll need is patience, a good quality beard oil, beard shampoo and a boar hair brush (good thing you can get all those from us here). It is essential to have clean pores so products can be absorbed better that is why you should wash your beard every 3 days, unless you have a dirty job that requires everyday cleaning i.e crackfillers.

Beard oils will make things a lot easier for you. Why do you think your face itches? That’s because your face is not getting enough moisturization. Therefore you must supplement it with a beard oil.

Boar hair brush will be your #2 tool, oil being the first, these two combined are the best pair and will optimize the growing potential of your beard. The boar hair brush will remove any dead skin cells on your face and will also slightly irritate the skin causing more blood flow allowing better product absorption.   


Tip; to grow a better fuller beard. There’s a few things that you can do that will help promote healthy hair growth. (check out our article on what will optimize your beard


The reason why we use the ingredients we use. Peppermint essential oil contains menthol which is vasodilator. This means it increases blood flow, by increasing blood flow you allow your skin to absorb oils that will help with keeping your skin and hair healthy. Our main ingredient in our oils is Argan oil which is the best and most expensive oil on the market. This oil is loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants and omega 3 and 9 which are the required nutrients to healthy hair.

If you're serious about growing your beard take good care of it and it'll come with ease, but if you let it dry up you'll probably hate it and give up. Don't let family, friends and partners influence you into shaving it. Partners will get used to it, it's new to you and new to them, people don't like change, they are used to their routines and get set in their ways. If you take pride into your beard and maintain it, your partner will be more likely to support your desire of growing it.   

Gents, don't give up! 


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