Convince Your Partner To Grow Your Beard-New

Posted by Kevin Leboeuf on

More often then none we hear "I wish I could grow my beard but my partner doesn't support it".

This article will provide you with a few points that you can bring up to potentially be "allowed" to grow your beard.

First thing I want to make sure is that you approach this matter with ease. We don't want to create an argument or a fight as this will make things even hardier for you to be able to convince your partner that you want to grow your beard out.

It is important that when you're to communicate with your partner about your desire to grow your beard that he/she is in a receptive mood. Do not bring it up if your partner is already edgy or is having a bad day, this will only create more issues giving the subject a negative association for the next time you bring it up.

The break down; First inform your partner about your desire to sport a beard and what you're trying to accomplish. Let them reply with their concerns, DO NOT IMPULSIVELY REPLY / CUTOFF what they are trying to voice, instead try understanding their point of view. Gather all the information they have expressed and try to break down every concerns they have by asking for more clarification on certain points. This will show that you're willing to understand their point of view, by showing interest they'll be more receptive to your own point of view.

Ask to give it a try, set a probation period, let them know a minimum of (6 months and agree on 3)  three month period will be what is needed as this is the time required to be able to fully manage your beard. This also gives you the advantage to get your partner used to it, a new routine takes 66 days to establish. Who know's your partner might be liking the beard after a while.

Come up with a plan and strategy, pre-book barber. Let your partner know that it will be maintained and looking at its best. Invest in some premium quality beard products that will not only make it look and smell great, it will nourish your beard with the nutrients to optimize it. Make sure you invest in a beard shampoo too, this is essential if you don't want your partner to tell you to shave it off as it smells


Do not guilt your partner into allowing you to grow your beard, this will create issue down the road and create resentment. Do not use tactics such as "all my friends have a beard". Instead try to get them to talk with some of her/his friends that is in a relationship with a bearded man. This might allow your partner to open up to the idea of letting you grow a beard.



Offer to do something nice in exchange, something out of the ordinary, usually you say no to and your partner doesn't ask anymore. It might be going to the in-laws, going to the movies to watch something they want, etc. Showing some interest in something they have interest in will go long ways to get them convinced that growing a beard is something of interest for you.   

If an agreement is concluded make sure you TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU APPRECIATE IT. After a few days get them a little something to show your gratitude and how much it means to you.  

 - Live The Educated Lifestyle